The #MakeSpacePledge is an initiative by black-owned, NYC based startup Dendwell to raise awareness and create frameworks for home decor and design brands and media outlets to commit to increasing inclusion of black creators and stories in their creative, content, and collaborations. 
Conceived by Dendwell founder, Tenlie Mourning, the pledge is a mechanism to acknowledge that the consumer home and design category has been broadly configured for the affluent, white woman and has escaped pressure to diversify representation in its advertising and media for decades. The lack of black creators and spaces in the consumer home and design media actively contributes to the erasure of black life in American society as a whole. 
We are committed to changing the visual landscape of the consumer home and design category in order to fight stigmatization of and racism against the black community. 
Our first action is a series of images and quotes by black creators in the consumer home and design category called #MakeSpaceForUs. Our 16 campaign partners have graciously allowed us into their homes and shared their thoughts on their spaces and the impact that unequal representation has had on their careers. #MakeSpaceForUs is accompanied by a petition collecting signatures from members of the public to show demonstrate support for this initiative. See the stories here.
We at ______ pledge to ensure that 13% of all creative, content, and collaborations will be produced by and/or feature a black creator.  

WHY 13%? 
13.4% of the population identified as black in 2019. We saw it as necessary to garner this metric using tangible data and 13% is proportional representation in the media. 
We plan to grow the #MakeSpacePledge through a series of actions and independent research to better garner quantitive insights on the representation of the black community in home decor and design media. 
We will use the momentum garnered from the #MakeSpaceForUs action to (1) quantify support for this initiative via petition signatures and (2) open conversations with industry leaders to collaboratively develop frameworks for structure change within their organizations and mechanisms of accountability. 
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